A small, lovely independent cafe located in Levenshulme. This place has a 4.5-star rating on Trip Advisor and is known for their seasonal menu and handmade products.

The menu itself is suitable for breakfast, brunch and lunch, served until 4pm.

It was a Saturday afternoon, after a 2-hour session in the gym I really needed to replenish my body with carbs and protein. Trove serves eggs Benedict and Florentine also breakfast plates. They all looked nice from what I can see on people’s tables walking in but what sounded good to me was the rice bowl. I’m a sucker for rice and chillies so that one’s a winner.

Trove Rice Bowl.jpg

The Rice Bowl is made up of white rice, kale, tofu, kimchi, chillies and sesame seeds. Refreshing with the sour taste of Kimchi but with a nice kick from the chillies. Tofu is a good source of protein and essential minerals, kale is one of the most nutrient dense food and loaded with antioxidants, Kimchi is fermented vegetables, known to promote digestion with its probiotic properties. So basically, a bowl of goodness right here.

This rice bowl was £6.50, and the price of other food, in general, is standard for Greater Manchester area. Not too expensive but not cheap either. You’re looking at £2 for toast and butter, £4.50 for soup and £8.50 for Eggs Benedict.

Eton Mess Eclair

On the way in where the counter is, they have a selection of cakes, loaves of bread, chutneys and other products that they have produced themselves. The Eclair looked so pretty so I had to try one. The taste? Light and fluffy, not too sweet either, just the right balance which is great but kind of… bad because I could’ve easily eaten 3 of these not a problem. But I restrained myself!! They serve good coffees here too, strong with a liquorice aftertaste. Next time… definitely trying some of their fancy-sounding chutneys or marmalades and other desserts.

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