“A little bit of this town goes a very long way.”

Hunter S. Thompson

After the plane landed at McCarran Airport (part 1), I was picked up by a friendly Lyft driver. He talked to me all the way from the airport to my 1st destination, The Venetian Hotel & Resort. As a first-timer in Las Vegas, he was very eager to tell me where to go for cheap food, what attraction to see and where not to go. It was a very pleasant drive so I gave him 5 stars and with the Lyft app, you can also tip the driver. This is cool, I love technology.


“We’re heeerreeee”, he said. I’ve been in awe even before we got to the Venetian. So many things to see, so many mental notes on where I wanted to go. I got out of the taxi, and I was even more in awe… the exterior of Venetian is impressive. Before I went I did some research on YouTube, but really… you have to see it in real life to appreciate it. The design inspiration for this hotel like the name itself, is Venice, Italy.


The interior artwork, marble floors, polished pillars are just some of the things welcoming you to the hotel reception. Renaissance artwork, hand painted by famous Italian artists are on display on the frescos decorating the ceiling. Have I said I was in awe? So enchanted I was I forgot to take pictures of the interiors.

Let’s see the hotel room…

I booked a standard room through Hotel.com, it gave me an option to upgrade to a room with a view (£20) but I wasn’t too concerned about a particular view so I didn’t bother. I was planning to go explore anyway so I’d rather save the money for the resort fee.

venetian hotel room_lounge

My room was the Luxury Suite, what’s included in this were:

  • 1 King Bed
  • A separate sitting area with a sofa bed, chairs, a table, a small dining table in the corner and a work area in the other corner
  • Wifi access
  • 2 x 46inch flat screen TV, premium channels and PPV
  • Bathroom – bathtub, separate shower, private toilet, vanity set
  • 24-hour room service and minibar
  • Wardrobe – hairdryer, ironing board, iron, safe box, bathrobes

I should’ve rested after all that journey from the UK, but, I was too excited all I wanted to do was explore. So, with a map in my hand, off I went to find the Gondola ride.

venetian gondola ride

There is an indoor one which is located at St.Mark’s Square and an outdoor one (see map). I just love how everything is a replica but in so much detail it’s amazing to take in. There are so many restaurants and shops here, but the darn thing about going to a competition in the next 2 days meant I had to watch my weight. I’m 2 kgs under but I will take no chance by indulging in food yet just in case (cries), this is torture… for a foodie, this is horrible torture.

So then I went outside, and the thing I remembered the most is how blue the water was on the outdoor gondola ride. It was a very hot 40+ degrees and the sun was reflecting on the water, the Gondolier was singing a song. He was good. The facade on this part is a reflection of the Doge Palace, so beautiful. I just stayed there for a bit taking everything in and then again… food, cafe and restaurant signs everywhere. Damn it. I started to walk towards the Rialto Bridge and walked away from the Venetian towards Harrah’s. It’s quite funny as people here just drink alcohol casually on the streets at 4pm. Cocktail slush for sale on the streets, it’s very different, slightly peculiar but it was fun to explore so I kept on walking.

vegas guide book

See more pictures of the Venetian on my photo journal here

Las Vegas Journals (Pt 1, Pt3, Pt4, Pt 5, Pt6).

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