Altrincham Market, always a pleasure to visit for good food. Yesterday, I brought my lovely parents with me to enjoy something a little different. The Market has 3 sections, an indoor food hall, and outdoor covered market and then the New Market Square. I love the food choices in the food hall but unfortunately, it’s always full and it’s always a case of who gets there first and get in any spaces available. My parents liked the look of the New Market Square, with its unique food choices and a covered outdoor seating area. There they have vegan, pickled, fermented, artisan bread and fish food choices and more.

Altrincham New Market and Shack Board

The weather here in the UK is getting cold. The Shack had a fire going inside, so we went there to sit and ordered some coffees £3.00. We waited for food for about 10 minutes and sat next to very friendly people. I really like the atmosphere there.

I chose the Brunch menu from Plucky Pickle with crispy pork belly, hash brown, fried egg, kimchi and kimchi mayo £8.50. Mum went for the Special of the day from there as well, it was rose harissa lamb and pearl barley stew with red pickled cabbage £9.00. Dad wanted the classic burger from Gud Vegan, it has black bean patty, fried onions, tomato, gherkins and toasted bun plus a side of polenta fries £8.00. We then finished off with a warm scone to share, complete with clotted cream, butter and strawberry jam £3 from Bread and Fishes. The artisan bread is quite pricey but worth it to take home. You pay for quality after all.

This area is just getting better and better every time, new developments and more food restaurants are being built when we walked through. Also, still plenty of food to try from inside the hall and here at the New Market. Next time 🙂

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