What a busy week it’s been! I turned up to work on Monday and agreed to do a 13km trek in Snowdon this Saturday (dear Lord). The company I work for have been supporting Cavell Nurses’ Trust for 4 years, a fantastic charity that helps nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are facing times of hardship and are in need of financial help and support. The 10kForNurses campaign is divided into 3 types of fundraising activities. You can bake, dive or walk to raise the funds. We signed up for the October 10k walk challenge to conquer Snowdon.

It was all fantastic, it was going to be a fun day out, for a good cause, raise some funds, and this will be a totally new experience for me, until… I saw the weather forecast and realised I have no gear to tackle something like this. Apart from my ski jacket, I have nothing else. The guys at work have been talking about yellow weather warning all week but inside I was secretly hoping that the unpredictable English weather will change. But.. no, it looks like… we’re going to get poured on and blown over (well, maybe only me on the blown part).


Since I’ve never done anything like this, I had to read a few articles and talked to the people who have done it before to get an idea of what kind of equipment I needed to bring. Yes, to go somewhere like this, with a weather warning nonetheless, you have to spend a bit and make sure you prep as much as you can. I only went to Go Outdoors for mine, if you are a member, you can get pretty decent prices on good quality products, and there’s one near where I live. Win!

The good thing about being a dinky 5’2 is that sometimes… the kids’ size fits me, and they are cheaper (another win). So… here’s what I gathered from Go Outdoors:

  1. Waterproof walking boots £35
  2. Thermal multifunctional headwear £19.35
  3. Waterproof gloves £22.50
  4. Beanie £7.00
  5. 2 pack walking socks £4.99
  6. Anti-blister lining socks £9.44
  7. Insulated waterproof pants £20
  8. Winter legging £15
  9. Fleece £18
  10. 700ml vacuum flask for coffee (8-hour heat) £17.10

Grand Total: 168.38

The prices here are a mixture of member discount prices and clearance prices. With the addition to the above, I also have a base layer and a Cavell Nurses’ Trust T-shirt to wear. Can’t wait to test these out tomorrow and hopefully they all work as advertised. Some of the guys I’m going with have a waterproof spray I can use too, so that’s a plus.


The trek is estimated to take up to 7 hours. Now that I have all my gear sorted, all that’s left to do is food and drink prep. Some important things people have been saying is to try and keep your head warm, avoid puddles as much as possible, bring snacks, water and sweets to keep your energy up. Let’s do this!

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