Located in Manchester’s Picadilly Gardens, Shoryu Ramen specialises in Hakata tonkotsu ramen, street food side dishes and Japanese inspired cocktails. The ramen, specifically is a style of ramen originated from the Hakata district in Japan. What makes this place unique, is the 12-hour pork broth. I’m a big fan of bone broth so I was looking forward to trying it. This is the first Shoryu ramen bar outside of London and I’m actually surprised I’ve not tried the food here until a friend of mine recommended it last night.

We went straight for the ramen. I chose the Piri Piri Tonkotsu 12.90 (char siu barbecue pork belly,  nitamago egg, kikurage mushroom, spring onion, sesame, ginger, nori seaweed with spicy gochujang sauce and jalapeños) whilst my friend ordered the Red Miso Ramen 12.50 (barbecue pork, sweet corn, bamboo shoot, spring onion, kikurage mushroom, nitamago egg). The taste was very good. The broth is flavourful and on top of that, mine had jalapeños in it so that added a kick to the dish. The portion was also good, you can choose the firmness of your noodle, I chose the standard one as I don’t like my noodles too hard or soft.

They have a range of matcha dessert which I love!! Also, yuzu type dessert (lemon, citrus), mochi ice cream, and kakigori (shaved ice). We both chose the Matcha Chocolate Sundae 5.90. In the sundae, you get soft serve matcha with matcha brownies, thin milk cookie, strawberry and 2 chocolate sticks (like Mikado). At the bottom of the glass, you have the chocolate sauce and some crispy flakes which we assumed were corn flakes. It was a nice finish to a good hot meal.

Do they do vegetarian option? Yes, although not extensive. Really enjoyed the food here and the staff were also friendly, I noticed they say things in Japanese before proceeding to ask in English like “Sumimasen (excuse me), how was everything with your food?”. The chef also did the same, and it just made the experience a little more authentic.


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