Mackie Mayor, an 1858 Grade II listed market building located in Northern Quarter Manchester. Refurbished and transformed by the team behind Altrincham Market, into a buzzing venue which houses some of the finest food and drink vendors in Manchester.

I hate to say that I am so late to jump in the bandwagon. Like it’s sister market in Altrincham, it is always busy there and sometimes that put me off going in since I can never find seats (or it may just be my luck). Lately, I’m on a small mission to find good places that serves Bao buns, and Mackie Mayor has Baohouse. They serve Taiwanese steamed buns. So there I was, determined even if I had to eat standing I was going to try that Bao.

I love the interior, glass ceiling, wooden decor with low hanging lights are just some of the features in this place that welcomes you in. Take a seat first, note your table number, then you can take a pick at which food and drink you want from one of the many vendors available there.

I chose the Hoisin Pork belly from Baohouse with sides which came to £12.50, then a Cappuccino from Wolf House Coffee £2.90, totalling at £15.40. So, it is quite pricey and the size isn’t very big. The sides, which was portions of spiced potatoes, coleslaw and broccoli made the price worth it, I think as they filled me up more. The pork itself is very tender with sticky and sweet hoisin sauce served with pickled cucumber and topped with spring onions. It was really tasty.

The coffee was also very enjoyable and there were plenty of cakes and cookies to choose from the Wolf House Coffee counter. The banana scone they had caught my attention as I’ve never had one before… but perhaps… it’s for another visit. Right now, mission accomplished.

Mackie Mayor NQ, 1 Eagle St, Manchester M4 5BU.

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Writing memories about Food, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fitness and Travel.

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