Whilst the world in is a state of panic with Covid-19, last week was the 1st week of official UK lockdown. Luckily for me, I used to work as a Freelancer and am used to working from home. So keeping to a normal schedule and work routine at home is more than fine. However, with gym closures, all the fitness goals I had, is now no longer relevant. Being an avid BJJ fan, the areas I was working on was upper body strength, explosive workouts and just general cardio. Since I no longer have access to equipments, I had to think of what other areas I need to work on.

I’m guilty of not paying enough attention to my flexibility. I have good hip flexibility in general but hamstrings, shoulder mobility, back bending… yeah nope. Plus, sitting down at home, and not really going anywhere is making things worse. So, to help, I’ve been trying to do some short yoga exercises that I can do whilst having a break from work, then after work as a routine. There are 3 areas I want to work on, they are:

1. Hamstrings

This video was the first one I tried. It was… painful. My hamstrings were in agony, they were so stiff that I couldn’t even touch my toes. I have been following this video for about 4 days now and I can say I’m improving bit by bit. This video is short enough to do before lunch, then after, I’m straight back to work.

2. Back

I would love to do a back bend. Unfortunately, although I can bridge and rest my head on the mat, I cannot for some reason push off my hands into the full pose. After talking with my S&C Coach, she identified the issue may come from mid spine mobility. To tackle this, she wrote a daily mobility programme that includes Upward Dog, Scorpion Kicks and T kicks. So I will see what my progression is like after a few weeks.

3. Plow pose

As a BJJ practitioner, being ‘stacked’ sometimes happens. Imagine being in the position like in the video above, but with someone else putting pressure on top of you. It’s not a nice position to be in (being folded upside down), so you have to learn to be comfortable in it. With the last few weeks of no training, this position have become very hard to do.

Plow Pose

There’s a bend on my back here, my hamstrings felt tight and my neck didn’t feel too good either. Again, this is in my daily mobility programme. Hopefully before long, the flexibility will increase gradually.

Adapting to this new way of working out isn’t too bad, although I miss the social interaction and the ability to sweat with a hard workout (how weird :p) But, I am determined to be more flexible by the time this lockdown ends. So no excuses.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Kate Whapples - BSc, MRes.

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